Perfect Plastering is all about the finer details

plaster angles

So People are always asking “what makes Rochester Plastering different?” or “why should I choose Rochester Plastering?”, well apart from being an eco-friendly business, and the fact we are always nearby to help out because we only ever work in the Rochester area, we believe it is so important to work on the finer details.

Sure there is no better sensation that running your hand down a freshly plastered wall, the smoothness, the flatness, it’s clearly irresistible as when i return to a job the next day I can always clearly see the customers fingerprints in the reflection on the wall. But what really makes a plastering job stand out the extra mile is the detail work, what I mean by this is the corners, the externals, internals, making sure they all marry up at the edges, that they are all plumb and level, now that’s what makes a job stand out from the crowd.

Many a time I have wandered around shops, hotels, bars and this is something that bugs me, even to the point where sometimes I will have to change my seating position so that the offending plastered wall or ceiling is not in my eye’s view. That’s why I think it is important to give as much attention to the finer details as it is to the mass areas.


Helping hands

Having your house plastered can do insane things to animals, in particular cats just can’t get their head around the change that is going on around them in their home. This little dude was super excited to see what was being done in his house when the bedroom ceiling was being skimmed.

pet friendly plasterers medway
pet friendly plasterers

Having pets around is never a problem with Rochester Plastering, we’re very pet friendly (that is until they help themselves to our sandwiches).

Rochester plastering first blog

rochester plastering local plasterers

Rochester Plastering are excited to upload their first ever blog. “A Plastering company blogging, really?”

Well yes, absolutely and why ever not? If you’re buying a new outfit and want to know what’s on trend, you would probably read advice from a fashion blogger.  Equally as important we feel that it’s of great value that we share our current projects by blogging.

So why choose Rochester Plastering rather than another local plasterer? Well first of all local is a good thing right? We want to make sure we are always on hand so we specialise just in the Medway Towns, we want people to have piece of mind that we are a phone call or visit away. There is nothing more frustrating then having to wait days or even weeks for someone to come round and consult with you.  We will always endeavour to get out to you within 24hrs of your first initial contact.  

But most of all it’s down to the pride we take in our work, I mean, a lot of people use that term “passion” and “love of the game” but it is too readily used these days, and far too loosely. I mean when I say I love Plastering, I love it as much as the first day I went to work! And being a family run business of over 20 years our experience is vast and one of our friendly yet professional team will always set your mind at ease by giving you the correct and up to date information regarding your project.

We pride ourselves on adding that personal touch to any job regardless of size and are proud members of checkatrade and Kent trading standards. Although we have been around for quite some time and are very well established our team are constantly attending training courses to ensure the quality of work is to the highest standard and we’re always adopting modern techniques.

We aren’t saying that good workmanship is hard to come by, but we are saying is that by choosing to work alongside Rochester Plastering we are confident you will be very pleased and want to tell all of your friends and family about our service.