Perfect Plastering is all about the finer details

So People are always asking “what makes Rochester Plastering different?” or “why should I choose Rochester Plastering?”, well apart from being an eco-friendly business, and the fact we are always nearby to help out because we only ever work in the Rochester area, we believe it is so important to work on the finer details.

Sure there is no better sensation that running your hand down a freshly plastered wall, the smoothness, the flatness, it’s clearly irresistible as when i return to a job the next day I can always clearly see the customers fingerprints in the reflection on the wall. But what really makes a plastering job stand out the extra mile is the detail work, what I mean by this is the corners, the externals, internals, making sure they all marry up at the edges, that they are all plumb and level, now that’s what makes a job stand out from the crowd.

Many a time I have wandered around shops, hotels, bars and this is something that bugs me, even to the point where sometimes I will have to change my seating position so that the offending plastered wall or ceiling is not in my eye’s view. That’s why I think it is important to give as much attention to the finer details as it is to the mass areas.